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If you are employed or working for a company described below, DO NOT REGISTER FOR CARS exams directly from this website. Affected companies must register for CARS Exams directly from the Recovery Connect App Exchange hosted by MBSi. Please exit this site and consult with your office administrator or manager.

If you are already CARS certified and need to take CE (Continuing Education) to maintain your certification, please proceed to the RISC website to complete the testing.

Affected Companies:
If you or your company currently use any platforms hosted by MBSi, such as IRepo, RePros, Recovery Connect Office or Recovery Connect Mobile and you are a NEW CARS applicant.

If you or your company perform any services for any of the following Forwarders or Lenders:

  • Primeritus Financial
  • PAR North America
  • American Lending Solutions
  • PK Willis (ARS/Skipbusters)
  • Del Mar Recovery Solutions
  • Synergetic Communication Inc.
  • Plate Locate
  • UAR – United Auto Recovery
  • Santander Consumer USA/Chrysler Capital

If your company meets either of the criteria above, Please DO NOT REGISTER for the CARS exam directly from this website. In order to ensure that your CARS certification is recorded correctly and associated with your company, it is necessary to follow the RCAE CARS APP activation procedures, that have been previously provided to your company’s manager or administrator. Please consult with them before proceeding. If you are unsure as to whether your company meets the above criteria, please contact RISC at 813-712-7535.

Note that if you are already CARS certified and just need to take CARS CE, your information will be automatically transferred over to RCAE for you.

Failure to follow these instructions could affect access to assignments for your company.

Thank you for your cooperation. Your participation not only satisfies the mandates for the clients above, but also ensures your company qualifies to do work for lenders across the country.

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