Certified Commercial Recovery Agent (CCRA) National Certification Program


Do We Need Certified Commercial Recovery Agents?

Non-­‐Judicial (Self-­‐Help)

Repossession Section 1 General Knowledge
Commercial Repossession Vehicle, Tools and Supplies

Section 2 Receiving Assignments

Section 3 Recovering Commercial Trucks
10 Facts About Commercial Accounts Pre-­‐Recovery Preparation

Section 4 Examples of Commercial Repossessions and Procedures
Example #1; Tractor Trailer Example #2; Dump Truck while working on Roads Example #3; Recovering Truck From Parking lot Attached to Reefer Trailer Example #4; Multiple Unit Repossession, 10 Trailers Example #5; Construction Equipment Example #6; Farm and Agriculture Equipment Example #7; Fitness Equipment

Section 5 Personal Property; Removal and Inventory Procedures for Commercial Assets
General Knowledge; “Over the Road Truckers” Inventory, Storage, Notification, Release, Disposal Sale of Recovered Collateral

Section 6 Skip-­‐Tracing
Investigative Techniques for Locating Commercial Assets

Section 7 Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Section 8 Applicable Federal Law
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Gramm-­‐Leach-­‐Bliley Act (GLBA) Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Section 9 Crimes Against Persons
Breach of the Peace-­‐Disorderly Conduct Assault Aggravated Assault Culpable Negligence Harassment

Section 10 Property Crimes
Trespass Trespass After Warning Criminal Mischief Breaking or Injuring Fences Statutory Requirements

Section 11 Case Law Commentary
Andrew Peters, Plaintiff vs. Coface North America, Inc. Defendant

Section 12 Forms

Section 13 Glossary