CARS Program

Florida Edition of the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) Program

The C.A.R.S. Program was developed by RISC Education Systems and is licensed by the Florida Division of Licensing, license number RS9500001. By successfully completing the C.A.R.S. Florida Program you will be certified as having met the Divisions mandatory training requirements for licensure to perform collateral recovery (repossession) services. Florida applicants are required to provide the Division of Licensing with a photocopy of the certificate along with their license application.

You will have 45 days of online access to the manual and certification exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive your certificate and listing on the RISC website. 

All graduates of the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist® National Certification Program will have their name and date of certification listed on our website at no additional charge. Also available to graduates of the program is the use of our trademarked logo and designation of Certified Asset Recovery Specialist®, (C.A.R.S.®), on company advertising and websites. 

To maintain certification and listing on the RISC website, graduates are required to complete C.A.R.S. Continuing Education course(s) annually. By completing the course(s) you will maintain your C.A.R.S. Plus CE designation on the website.  

This course consists of fourteen (14) modules covering the Asset (Collateral) Recovery Industry. These modules include Skiptracing, Ethics and Communication, Defensive Driving and Tow Truck Operation, and Insurance Coverage’s critical to these operations. 

After a comprehensive review of the material, a certification exam must be taken. Upon passing the exam with a score of 75% or greater, the applicant will be issued a Certificate of Completion from RISC Educational Systems.

The testing model follows the tabbed Sections in the C.A.R.S. program and the final examination is an on-line, open book test, similar to many other public and state licensed educational entities throughout the country. Our research indicated that this method would enhance the students ability to not only research the C.A.R.S. program but also to increase their ability to comprehend the content of the various field assignments they were responsible for completing. This, in turn, has made the field recovery specialist more competent in managing the "inherent" risks associated with self-help repossessions and expeditious in completing his/her assignments in the field. However, some collateral recovery business owners prefer their employees complete the exam by closed book, and that is at the sole discretion of the business owner.

In Section 13; Forms, you will find an Affidavit of Final Testing Form attesting that the final exam was properly monitored, with signatures of both the individual who tested and the monitor. It is important that this document be placed in the permanent personnel file of the individual who tested. In the event the individual who tested becomes involved in litigation, this is an important document to present to the Court as proof that this individual was properly monitored.

Price: $360


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