CARS Program

Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) National Certification Program

The Certified Asset Recovery Specialist® National Certification Program was developed by Risc Educational Systems, Inc

RISC Educational Systems is a Florida licensed educational facility. The course consists of fourteen (14) sections, covering the Asset (Collateral) Recovery Industry, Skiptracing, Ethics and Communication, Defensive Driving and Tow Truck Operation and Insurance Coverage’s critical to these operations

Upon satisfactory completion, the applicant will be issued a Certificate of Completion from RISC Educational Systems.

All graduates of the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist® National Certification Program will have their name and date of certification listed on our website at no additional charge. Also available to graduates of the program is the use of our trademarked logo and designation of Certified Asset Recovery Specialist® (C.A.R.S.®), on company advertising and websites.

To maintain your listing on the RISC website you will need to complete a C.A.R.S. Continuing Education course annually. By completing the course you will maintain your C.A.R.S. Plus CE designation on the website.

Price: $360


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