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RISC is an organization dedicated to providing services specific to the collateral recovery industry and advocate on behalf of all professional practitioners within the Industry. We have a variety of unique services that help you improve your operation from the agency owner down to the employee on the storage lot.

The core of our business philosophy is to provide you with the latest and most innovative products, technology and services to enhance your bottom line and to always provide you with the very best service possible no matter which of our products or services you may choose.

RISC is dedicated to the professional training and certification of collateral recovery specialists and the creation of Industry Standards for the industry. Matrix Educational Systems is our subsidiary that specializes in the development of professional certification curriculums and Industry Standards. We invite you to take a moment to visit our website and review our products and services to see how we may be of service. It is your business…..let us help you build it.

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  • $1 Million Client Protection Bond
  • 15% off the retail price of our products and services including: C.A.R.S. certification, continuing education, risk management training, collateral recovery training, locksmith training, locksmith supplies, key codes, job placement and recruitment services, and business consulting.
  • You will be listed within the RISC website using a unique company identifier.
  • Comprehensive profile of the RISC Agent Alliance member to be listed on the RISC website.
  • Your certified employee’s will also be listed under your company so that you can provide this list to your clients and insurance agent.
  • Licensed insurance consultant on staff to assist members in obtaining insurance coverage’s at the most competitive prices.
  • Legislative Template and Industry Synopsis for those who are interested in state regulations.
  • Business consulting for RISC Agent Alliance members.
  • A list of clients for RISC Agent Alliance members to market their company.

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Professional Credentials are critical to your business success!

One of our core products is professional certification programs for those who provide collateral recovery services. These unique industry specific educational products help to manage the "inherent" risks associated with the self-help repossession process.

Our training and certification programs are nationally recognized by the collateral recovery industry, the lending industry and insurance carriers as invaluable "tools" in managing the risks and reducing the liability associated with the self-help repossession process.

We offer the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist® (CARS) National Certification Program.

The C.A.R.S. National Certification Program is an in-home training program with on-line testing. It has been accepted as home study by Florida law and meets the requirement of FL State Statute 493 for all E and EE applicants. In addition we offer Continuing Education courses designed to reinforce the lessons taught in the C.A.R.S. program.

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Industry Testimonials - Why You Should Be Certified

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As more and more collateral recovery specialists and lenders recognize the importance of professional certification as the most effective tool for risk management in the self-help repossession process we continually receive compliments and endorsements on the C.A.R.S. National Certification Program and our testing method. Read below what collateral recovery professionals are saying:

"I have read, researched and taken many educational courses on countless subjects pertaining to the recovery process. Never have I come across anything so meaningful and so structured, easy to read and cross reference. Not only does this cover all applicable laws and regulations, but it provides meaningful scenarios and helpful information for everyone in the recovery industry, from business owner, to agent/drivers, to office staff.

In this industry it is imperative to have a full knowledge of rights and remedies available to lien holders, debtors and recovery specialists. Your well rounded program more than adequately covers each of these entities in depth. The course teaches you how to make certain you are really "covering your own" in every situation.



We offer the following, nationally recognized online and in-home programs-

CARS Program

Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.S.) National Certification Program
Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.S.) National Certification Program Program Info | Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.S.) National Certification Program Program Registration

CARS Program

(C.A.R.S.) Continuing Education Programs
Continuing Education Programs Program Info | Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.S.) National Certification Program CE Program