Legal Assistance - FLSA, Employment Claims, Wage and Hour Review

Are you concerned about your company's future? Of course you are and that's why you have to protect yourself from costly litigation. You need a 'partner' to give you an honest evaluation of what you're doing correctly and incorrectly so an issue doesn't become a crisis. It's easy to overlook the obvious as you work in the trenches on a daily basis so a legal professional can protect you when you're not looking.

How do you do begin? By completing the simple form below and ask questions specific to the problems you have within your operation.

RISC is not your lawyer, consultant, or adviser. We are not soliciting your legal business. We are not licensed to practice law. If legal advice or assistance is required, the services of a competent professional with expertise in the required area should be sought. Remember ignorance is not a defense so prepare yourself and your company for the possibility of legal battle.

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