RISC Compliant Agent Network (CAN) Membership Builds Your Brand

As a business owner you’ve no doubt spent countless hours working to build your company and its brand.  Your brand is what defines your company and sets you apart as the best operator amongst your peers.  As a RISC Agent Alliance Member you have taken another very positive step by investing in your company and your brand.

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers."

With the above in mind RISC has created a marketing brochure exclusive to all RISC Compliant Agent Network (CAN) Members.  This brochure is unique to each member and provides a uniform way for the member to showcase their talents which builds their brand.  The brochure updates as your profile is updated so it’s always fresh.

The RISC marketing brochure is just one of the many benefits RISC Compliant Agent Network (CAN) Membership provides the business owner.  Below are other benefits of RISC membership.

  • $1 million Client Protection Bond
  • A comprehensive profile for each RISC Compliant Agent Network (CAN) member to be listed on the RISC website.  A “mini” website for the Alliance member.  The profile will include the services the agency provides, C.A.R.S. graduates that work for the agency, a list of storage lots, insurance Acords, and licenses. It is designed to showcase your talent and assist you behind the scenes to keep track of your internal documents and trained staff.
  • A Marketing Brochure Created for you to market your company and updated immediately as your profile is updated.
  • Included as part of your membership application is one free office/storage lot inspection.  This inspection report will be posted next to your office/storage location within the RISC site under your profile.
  • Best Practices – Business Forms Area: RISC has designed an area that has documents to help improve your top and bottom lines by improving your marketing while building your brand and reducing your liability.  The forms encompass: Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations. View Screenshot
  • A unique “Identifier” to provide to your clients and prospective clients so they can access your profile on www.RiscUS.com.  This information is proprietary and not available to the public. View Screenshot
  • Discounts on all RISC services including the C.A.R.S. National Certification Program, Continuing Education courses, Locksmith training, key codes and key blanks.
  • Job placement and recruitment services.
  • Risk management training and consulting
  • Your certified employee’s will also be listed under your company profile so that you can provide this information to your clients, prospective clients, and insurance agent.  RISC is working with several insurance agencies to use your information to reduce insurance costs.
  • Case law information for every state and expert opinions on legal questions and issues.
  • Licensed insurance consultant on staff to assist members in understanding the complex nature of recovery insurance.
  • Business consulting in “branding” your company and written procedures for marketing your business.  We also provide business building articles designed to assist members in growing their business.
  • Membership is annual at a fixed rate.  We do not prorate your membership if you become a member mid-year.  You have one year from the start date of your membership to take advantage of our services at the discounted rates.

About RISC
RISC is recognized within the Collateral Recovery Industry as a leader in the risk management field. RISC provides services exclusively to the collateral recovery industry including: education, training and certification, seminars, consulting, locksmith training, locksmith supplies, automotive key codes, membership and discount programs, and a $1 Million fidelity bond for members of the RISC Agent Alliance. For more information email RISC at [email protected], call (866) 996-7472, or visit our website: www.riscus.com.