Health Insurance Quote

One of the most important and most often neglected considerations for collateral recovery agency owners and their employees is health insurance.  RISC has a solution for your health insurance needs offered through the Mantolokin Group.

They are a brokerage agency that works with a wide variety of "A" rated Insurance carriers such as Humana, United Healthcare all the way down to stand alone Dental plans. They also work with Association plans that are perfect for those who have pre-existing conditions and/or affordability issues.  Read below the details of the program so you can protect yourself with the proper health coverage.

"If you are a resident of the U.S. and need affordable health insurance, you may be eligible to receive health coverage even if you have a pre-existing condition. Yes! You can get affordable health coverage regardless of your pre-existing condition. If you don't have coverage or are paying too much for your coverage you may be eligible to get the health coverage you deserve at affordable prices." Your acceptance is guaranteed if you are under 65.

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Toll Free: (866) 996- RISC (7472)
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