Elevate your status!

  • Marketing - Your complete company profile will be showcased to lenders and forwarders looking for agents in your area.
  • Education - Unlimited access to national certification programs for one low subscription “pay-per-employee, per-month”.
  • Savings - Feature a marketing version of your onsite inspection report at no extra charge (RISC must have a full report on file to do this).
  • Standards - Use the leading platform that more than 40 national creditors and forwarders use for vendor vetting and vendor onsite inspections.
  • Powered by MBSi’s VendorConnect platform.


Company Profile

Unlimited Access to Education

RISC education is accepted, trusted and tested by more agents and clients in the recovery industry than any other training. Keep your team knowledgeable and safe by using the industry education standard! RISC has created the “pay-per-month, per-employee” subscription program to help you with your education investment - only pay for the employees that are on staff and stop paying when they leave. Your employees will have unlimited access to all of our CARS training programs 24/7/365 while you are a RISC Pro member.

  • Unlimited access to CARS National Certification Training. Accepted by all lenders.
  • Unlimited access to CARS CA, FL, IL, MA and all other state-specific Certification Training.
  • Unlimited access to all 12 CARS National Continuing Education Courses.
  • Discounted Skip Tracer Certification Program = $144 (retail $180).
  • Discounted Commercial Recovery Training Program (CCRA) = $288 (retail $360).
  • Customized training programs available upon request.

Marketing to Clients

Do you have a plan to market your business to clients looking for your services? Don’t wait for them to find you. Get in front of them with our marketing module. RISC Pro immediately elevates your company’s credibility with lenders, and with the click of a button, you can get your profile in front of clients who need your services.

  • RISC Pro Members receive first priority to new clients entering the RISC vendor vetting network.
  • A comprehensive company profile showcasing your commitment to your compliance down to every detail.
  • Your profile is available to over 40 Lenders and Forwarders in the RISC Pro network actively searching for recovery agencies.
Company Documents
Company Documents


RISC creates an environment for you to demonstrate your business professionalism through compliance and save you money in your business operations.

  • RISC performs ongoing compliance monitoring of your agency.
  • Securely store your insurance certificates, business certifications, compliance documents, and more in one place for all clients to access.
  • One (1) annual background check for the company owner.
  • Discounted annual background checks for all additional employees.
  • A marketing version of your vendor onsite inspection reports included at no additional charge.
    • If RISC has your vendor onsite inspection report on file, we will include a partial report that allows you to show off your facility. The full inspection report is available to lenders and forwarders. If you require an inspection report, RISC will complete it for you at a reduced rate of $85.
  • 20% off RISC Key Code locksmithing services.
  • Discounted encrypted email security service from Paubox. Send and receive encrypted emails securely to protect you and your lending clients.

Business Documents

RISC Pro provides an extensive library of templates and documents needed to run your business and meet client requirements. No need to spend thousands on an attorney to develop these documents for you. Over 100 documents are available for customization and updated regularly including:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Handbook
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • FDCPA Policy
  • TCPA Policy
  • Complaint Handling
  • Best Practices Guides
  • Personal Property Handling Protocol
  • And more...
Company Documents

Calculate Your Monthly Cost

Enter the number of qualified employees to get your pricing. A qualified employee is a customer-facing employee who interacts with lenders/forwarders, debtors or handles confidential information. These are the employees that your clients will want to be certified.

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