RISC Pro Membership


Elevate Your Status!

RISC Pro is a membership for collateral recovery agencies designed for three purposes: Marketing, Compliance Management, and Education.

Membership Includes

Marketing to Clients

No association or single directory can give an agency this much visibiity to potential clients.

Do you have a plan to market your business to clients looking for your services? RISC Pro immediately elevates your company’s credibility with lenders throught, and with the click of a button, you can get your profile in front of clients who need your sevices.

Industry Approved Education at a Discount

RISC education is accepted, trusted and tested by more agents and clients in the recovery industry than any other training. Keep your team knowledgeable and safe by using the industry education standard! RISC Pro Members receive a deep discount on all RISC Education Programs. Certification courses are paid for in one upfront payment for each employee that requires training.

Additional Benefits

RISC creates an environment for you to demonstrate your business professionalism through compliance and save you money in your business operations.

Business Documents

RISC Pro provides an extensive library of templates and documents needed to run your business and meet client requirements. No need to spend thousands on an attorney to develop these documents for you. Over 100 documents are available for customization and updated regularly including:

$1 Off per Recovery for RISC Pro Members Only

If you are currently using MBSi’s assignment platform, including iRepo, RCO and the new RecoveryConnect, you will save $1 on each recovery with the new “per recovery” pricing model. This applies to RISC Pro members that use the new MBSi “per recovery” pricing and does not apply if you stay with the current $2 accept fee and $1 recovery fee.



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