Education for Lenders/National Forwarders


Protecting all parties in the repossession process is crucial. Regular training for Lenders and National Forwarders will protect your employees, your company as well as the consumer. RISC’s training programs and certifications are accepted nationwide.

A Certification Program Designed for Lenders and National Forwarders

The CARS FC certification program was created for financial clients including national forwarding companies and lending institutions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the state and federal laws that apply to self-help repossession. In collaboration with top lenders and Hudson Cook LLP, RISC developed the certification curriculum specific to financial clients who are not performing the actual repossession but still handling sensitive customer information that leads to asset recovery. The course takes the participant through all aspects of the repossession transaction from federal and state laws and regulations to crimes and best practices. The course includes:

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Are your recovery agents properly trained?

CARS and CARS Continuing Education certification programs cover all state and federal laws that impact the self-help repossession process for service providers. Learn more about CARS for Agents/Service Providers.

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