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With the average motorist driving approximately 600,000 miles in a lifetime and the tow truck operator driving up to 3 times that amount, it is imperative that the tow truck operator acquire as much education and training in the operation of tow trucks as possible.

Bad driving habits, lack of training and distracted driving, especially while operating a tow truck can lead to collisions, property damage, serious and sometimes permanent physical injuries, insurance claims and lawsuits.

The number one accident related to commercial vehicles is distracted driving that results in a rear-end collision and it can be devastating. The impacts can include exclusion of the driver on an insurance policy, huge increases in insurance premiums, or non-renewal of the company.

As explained by Chip Thompson with American Transportation Insurance Group (ATIG), when an insurance claim is requested by a repossession agent, the insurance company heavily scrutinizes the hiring and training practices of agency owners.

RISC’s Driver Safety Certification Program was developed exclusively to train drivers operating small to mid-size tow trucks and roll-back trucks equipped to tow or transport collateral such as motor vehicles. What does the course include?

Business owners and tow truck operators who commit to this Driver Safety Certification Program will help prevent vehicle crashes and reduce personal injury and property loss claims. It will also help keep insurers in the marketplace and continue to make insurance costs competitive. For this program to be successful, it requires the full cooperation of each tow truck operator to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in this Driver Safety Certification Program.

This program is included for all agency employees with a RISC Pro Membership.

*To maintain your Driver Safety Certification you will need to complete this course annually. This course does NOT count towards the CARS Continuing Education requirements.

Price: $99

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