Get immediate access to more than 3,000 repossession lot inspection reports nationwide

Our lender-driven lot inspections cover important metrics like business information, document and personal property handling, key maintenance and data security. Lenders who use the RISC lot inspection process enable recovery agencies to maintain a single, annual inspection rather than being inspected multiple times throughout the year.
Lot Inspections
Lot Inspections
We handle coordinating, scheduling, and storing lot inspections for agencies nationwide. Trained inspectors review the location's:
  • Business Information
  • Physical Document Handling and Storage
  • Electronic Document Handling and Storage
  • Key Management and Storage
  • Personal Property Management and Storage
  • Office and Storage Lot Overview
  • Exterior Lot Security
  • Interior and Exterior Photos

Your reports are always available and ready in the event of an audit. Each inspection is performed and updated annually so your staff never has to worry about your vendor being out of compliance.


Get a comprehensive RISC lot inspection analysis by simply providing a list of your vendors including company name and lot address(es). RISC will return the lot inspection status for each agency.