Mark Lacek to speak about how to increase your bottom line through commercial repossessions.


TAMPA, FL 9/6/2019 – Mark Lacek, founder of Professional Repossessor Magazine, former president of Florida Association of Licensed Repossessors and most recently, author of RISC’s Certified Commercial Recovery Agent national certification program (CCRA), is set to speak at this year’s Allied Finance Adjusters Midyear Meeting. Lacek, who is currently considered one of the nation’s leading expert witnesses on professional standards and the repossession industry, will be providing the audience with the ins and outs of why commercial repossessions can increase a collateral recovery agency’s business.

“A CCRA trained repossessor can increase his/her bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars every year,” Lacek says. He will discuss commercial skip tracing strategy, how to invoice correctly and how to successfully repossess commercial trucks and equipment. Lacek will also show how to locate local commercial lenders in your area, make contact with national commercial lenders as well as how to gain and maintain them as a valuable client. “I have been repossessing commercial trucks and equipment successfully for over 30 years and I believe this niche is currently underserved,” says Lacek. “I want to help other agencies grow their businesses by adding this offering.”

Mark Lacek’s talk can be seen at the AFA Midyear Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA on Friday October 18th, 2019. The talk will be at the Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront from 9:00 to 10:30am. Guests must register with Allied Finance Adjusters to attend.

Lacek is currently the owner and president of Commercial Asset Solutions (CAS). CAS is a commercial asset repossession company servicing commercial lenders only. The CCRA program is an online certification offered through RISC (Recovery Industry Services Company) available at

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