RISC Associate Membership

After many requests, RISC is proud to announce that it has designed a program for businesses that offer services to the collateral recovery industry.

RISC originally designed its services around the needs of collateral recovery agents and agency owners. Since inception our purpose was to improve the Industry through each of our services and strive to continually do so.

However, with great success and word of mouth RISC has gained notoriety in different Industries that revolve around the collateral recovery Industry. And since much of what we’ve designed is meant to improve a business it bridges many industries.

Therefore with much excitement RISC has now opened up our membership to ‘associates’. The membership documents, training, compliance, and services will be offered to the business owner regardless of the type of Industry you’re in. As an associate member you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the seminars and webinars as they are given across the country
  • Business Documents to include: View Screenshot
    • Disaster Planning
    • CFPB complaint handling
    • Red Flags Rules
    • Best Practices Forms related to: Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations.
    • State Specific Case Law Commentary
    • News Articles
  • 15% discount on all RISC services including the C.A.R.S. educational course, Continuing Education courses, Locksmith training, key codes and key blanks.
  • Job placement and recruitment services.
  • Risk management training and consulting
  • Case law information for every state and expert opinions on legal questions and issues.
  • Licensed insurance consultant on staff to assist members in understanding the complex nature of recovery insurance.
  • Business consulting in “branding” your company and written procedures for marketing your business. We also provide business building articles designed to assist members in growing their business.>
  • Membership is annual at a fixed rate. We do not prorate your membership if you become a member mid-year. You have one year from the start date of your membership to take advantage of our services at the discounted rates.

For more information please go to: https://www.riscus.com/riscAgentAlliance.aspx

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