RISC Compliant Agent Network (RISC CAN)

Recovery Industry Services Company (RISC) is proud to announce the formation of our RISC Compliant Agent Network (RISC CAN).  We would like to take this opportunity to explain why we feel the need for such a network of professional collateral recovery specialists and to assure all our RISC Agent Alliance members that they are automatically members of CAN.  RISC CAN membership is open to any professional collateral recovery agency owner who can meet the stringent requirements of our network and adhere to the RISC Code of Ethics.

Since its inception in 2009, Recovery Industry Services Company (RISC) has provided compliance training and forms to the collateral recovery industry.  As the provider of the only nationally recognized certification program, CARS®, (pub. 1999) along with Continuing Education courses, RISC has elevated the training standards across the industry.

In 2011, the RISC Agent Alliance was formed to provide further benefits to the recovery industry, including; a $1 million Client Protection Bond, Red Flags Rules training, Data Security training, HR documents, discounts on all RISC training programs, discounts on keys and key codes and a unique, on-line profile of our members.  RISC continues to bring affordable quality products and training to an ever changing and challenging industry.

As the concept of compliance grew from a “buzzword” to a permanent presence in the collateral recovery industry RISC developed the first comprehensive Compliance and Operations Manual that has become a template for compliance and best practices.

With compliance mandates here to stay, the decision has been made to highlight the efforts of RISC to its members by identifying our RISC Agent Alliance members as the RISC Compliant Agent Network (RISC CAN).

Q. Why was RISC CAN (Compliant Agent Network) formed?

First and foremost RISC was formed to help collateral recovery agents improve their bottom line through a variety of services which includes risk management training, agency vetting, agent compliance tracking, agent compliance training, collateral recovery training, professional certification, locksmith training, locksmith supplies, key codes, job placement and recruitment services, and business consulting.

Q. How are RISC CAN members different from trade association members?

RISC is not a trade association or marketing association.  Industry trade associations do an outstanding job in marketing and advocating on behalf of their members, and we encourage all agents to participate and be active in available organizations.

RISC CAN Members are vetted based on objective compliance criteria.  RISC CAN Members are complementary to industry trade associations as they have met criteria to be a RISC CAN Member and can showcase their company via their trade association or online via the RISC website.

Q. Will RISC market and advertise my business if I become a RISC CAN member?

The answer is that you, as a RISC CAN member, have the ability to market yourself via your RISC CAN profile.  Your company can be searched and found on the RISC website by a lender and with your permission the lender can access your unique RISC CAN profile.

Our goal at RISC is to provide the agency owner the tools needed to showcase their professional competency to your client and prospective clients.  It’s up to the agency owner to differentiate his operation from competition.

Q. What services does RISC provide me as a RISC CAN member?

As a member you will receive the following benefits:

  • $1 million Client Protection Bond


Company Compliance Profile – a comprehensive profile of your company designed to keep your company compliant with current client/lender mandates. The company profile includes:

  • Company information
  • Services the agency provides
  • A copy of your insurance Acord and Workers Comp certificate (if applicable)
  • Copies of applicable licenses
  • A list of storage lots
  • Storage lot inspection reports
  • Listing of all your employees

Compliance Documents – compliance made easy by RISC. All necessary compliance documents are within the member dashboard area. You will also have access to the RISC Compliance and Operations Manual designed to make your business compliant in all areas of CFPB lender requirements.

Discounts on all RISC services including:

  • The C.A.R.S.® National Certification Program
  • The Skip-tracers National Certification Program
  • Continuing Education courses
  • I-Repo Vendor Comply
  • Locksmith training
  • Key Codes
  • Key Blanks

Best Practices & Business Forms Area – Documents designed to improve your company’s top and bottom lines.  The forms encompass:


Educational Seminars – as RISC conducts webinars and seminars across the country, these webinars are put online within the member dashboard to access at any time.

Marketing Brochure and Link to Profile – a brochure is created for marketing your company and is updated immediately as your comprehensive profile is updated.  A link to your profile can also be emailed to a prospective client.

Repossession Case Law – specific case law and opinions for every state

Repo’s by Dummies – repossession articles specific to wrongful repossessions.

Benefits Area – discounts on products and services from various vendors

Risk management training and consulting

Expert opinions on legal questions and issues.

Licensed insurance consultant on staff to assist members

Business Consulting

Legislative Template and Industry Synopsis for those who are interested in state regulations

Q. What does it cost for an agency to qualify for RISC CAN membership?

To become a member of RISC CAN you must apply as an agency.  Once you become a RISC CAN member you receive; a $1 Million Client Protection Bond, 15% discount off the retail price to any service we offer including the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist® (CARS®) Program and Continuing Education Programs, Key Codes, Key Blanks, Locksmith training, etc.  By utilizing our services your membership will pay for itself.

Pricing –

The annual subscription fee is now only $795.00, which can be financed monthly.  There is a one-time initial application fee of $295.00 to determine qualification.  The $295.00 application fee also includes one lot inspection and one background check.

Remember our primary goal is to provide our member’s education and training in areas of compliance and risk management.  Once compliant, our goal is to keep you compliant through our use of technology and updated compliance documents.  We are the best value in the recovery industry as no one can match our services and value.

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