RISC launches the CARS – Texas and Rhode Island state-specific Certification Courses for repossession agents.


TAMPA, FL 5/28/2020 – RISC, a compliance services company, is excited to launch two additional state -specific collateral recovery training courses as part of their growing CARS National Certification Program. Continually providing up-to-date training on state/federal regulations is a RISC goal.  This is achieved through our alliance with Hudson Cook LLP. Texas is a large market for collateral recovery and has very specific state guidelines. “It’s important that recovery agencies in Texas and Rhode Island have the detailed knowledge of what can affect their day-to-day operations and keep them safe,” said RISC President Holly Balogh.

Recently, a survey conducted by CUCollector.com shows that 60% of repossession agencies hold CARS Certifications in the industry. Taken by over 200 recovery agent respondents across the U.S., the survey demonstrates RISC’s foothold as the #1 provider of compliance training and services by a significant margin. Also, recovery agents noted that VTS (Vendor Transparency Solutions) Compliance Training, coming in at a distant second to CARS, was used by 19% in the industry. In early 2020, VTS compliance service training programs combined with the CARS program on MBSi’s VendorConnect platform, effectively giving RISC’s CARS program 79% of the industry market share.

The CARS certification is accepted by all domestic lending institutions and is completed by over 4,000 people annually. The courses are available on RISC’s Education Platform for purchase at  https://www.riscus.com/Education/EcomCars.  RISC Pro members are able to take any education program available for their small monthly membership fee including these new state specific courses.

About RISC

RISC is an organization dedicated to providing compliance oversight and training services to the collateral recovery industry and beyond. RISC advocates on behalf of all practitioners within the industry. For more information, visit www.RISCus.com or call (813) 712-7535.

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