RISC extends its waiver of RISC Pro membership/education subscription fees through July 1, 2020.

RISC extends its waiver of RISC Pro membership/education subscription fees through July 1, 2020.

After nearly two months of COVID-19 related ordinances and regulations, the repossession industry has not opened up in all areas.  This continues to financially pressure recovery agency owners and their staff.  RISC is here to help support agents during this crisis by waiving membership and education fees for current and any new RISC Pro members.  RISC is the only compliance company that has waived membership and education fees for its members.

RISC’s waiver of fees allows members to update their CARS certifications and train any new employees to prepare for assignments to come. The RISC Pro platform is also an excellent tool for agencies to organize their compliance documentation and market their compliance status to clients. Our belief is that we’re all in this together and RISC will continue to assist agents in these challenging times.

What is RISC Pro?

RISC Pro is a membership for Agents that provides the ability to:

  • Manage and store compliance documentation on the MBSi VendorConnect platform.
  • Showcase your compliance profile and company listing in front of 40+ Lenders and Forwarders that are on the RISC Pro/MBSi VendorConnect platform.
  • Quickly share a compliance profile directly with Lenders
  • Have unlimited employee access to the CARS National Certification, Continuing Education, and Drivers Safety Certification for a small monthly “pay as you go” subscription rather than the full upfront certification cost.
  • And more…

Membership billing is currently on hold and will not begin until we are confident agents are back to work.  We currently forecast this will not go beyond July. There is NO cancellation fee should you choose not to keep RISC Pro membership.  However, if you cancel, any CARS certification completed between now and then will require you to pay in full to retain a valid CARS certificate. Maintaining your certification allows you to pay as you go for each employee. More details can be found in the RISC Pro Service Agreement at Registration.

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Also, on behalf of Alex Price and RISC, all proceeds from sales of RISC’s Skip Tracer Certification will be donated to RABF through the end of June. Register today here.

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