CE 11 -The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) on 3rd Party Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information (NPPI) and Social Media

RISC Unveils Latest Continuing Education Course for Collateral Recovery Professionals – CE 11

The national risk management company is offering special pricing for the 100% online course, which covers the protection of consumers’ personal information.

RISC, a renowned leader and innovator in the risk management field, today announced its newest Continuing Education course for collateral recovery professionals, with special 50% discount pricing currently available.

The CE 11 course, which is offered 100% online, prepares recovery agency owners and agents to comply with federal regulations for protecting consumers’ Nonpublic Personal Information (NPPI).

In addition to covering Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requirements specific to third-party disclosure of NPPI, the new course also examines the growing role of social media in the repossession process.
The CE 11 course is priced at just $49 through April 13, 2017, a discount of 50% off regular pricing.

“Professionals in the collateral recovery industry face an array of complex and fast-changing challenges, from rising insurance rates to lender compliance mandates and federal consumer protection regulations,” said RISC President Stamatis Ferarolis, a licensed training instructor for collateral recovery specialists across the nation. “In such an environment, it’s critical that recovery agents and agency owners continually advance their knowledge and understanding of the latest industry developments.”

Recovery Industry Services Company (RISC) is accredited via State of Florida License No. RS950001. RISC Educational Systems is the only collateral recovery training company that is licensed.

The CE 11 course provides recommended procedures for protecting NPPI from unauthorized third-party disclosure during the repossession process, specifically relating to: address verification (residence and place of employment); contact procedure (other than debtor); and skip-tracing.

Additionally, the course outlines how social media can affect the repossession process, such as:

  • Potentially violating an individual’s privacy rights through the disclosure and/or dissemination of personal and/or disparaging information online
  • Determining insurability, in part, through a review of an individual’s social media postings, including comments and photos

RISC’s industry-leading suite of Continuing Education courses has been developed to comply with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and lender mandates across a range of specialty areas, including Field Recovery Procedures, Data Security and the Uniform Commercial Code.

All courses are offered 100% online, including final testing, and a certificate is issued upon successful completion of each of the 11 CE courses. The training provided is applicable in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

“Our goal in developing certification and Continuing Education courses is to ensure collateral recovery professionals continue to serve their clients effectively, while complying with state and federal regulations that impact the repossession process,” said Ferarolis, co-author of the Field Recovery Specialist Operations Manual.

For more information about RISC’s Continuing Education programs and other services, please e-mail [email protected], call 866-996-7472 or visit www.RiscUS.com.

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