Skip-Tracing Training Program Updated & Available at NARS


Skip-Tracing Training Program Updated & Available at NARS

04/09/2019 — TAMPA, Fl. — Recovery Industry Services Company (RISC), the leading provider of compliance education and training services, announced today they will be releasing an updated version of the Skip-Tracing Certification Course at the North American Repossessors Summit (NARS) in Irving, TX on April 18, 2019.

The new course, authored by Alex Price, also known as “The SkipGuru,” delves into the methodologies and practices of skip-tracing to teach the student how to effectively locate skips while staying in compliance with state and federal regulations. The course will be available in RISC’s online learning management system and covers all aspects of modern skip-tracing, communication tactics, human nature insights, applicable federal law, data security and the ‘big three’ of skip-tracing.

“On the vast majority of repossession accounts, some level of skip-tracing is needed to locate assets that are difficult to contact or find,” said Stamatis Ferarolis, chief executive officer and founder of RISC. “Alex Price shares his unique methodologies that he honed over the past 30 years to teach students how to deploy effective communication and cyber techniques to locate the consumer who does not want to be found.”

The updated course will be available as a standalone certification program for skip-tracers and to recovery agents as part of continuing education for the CARS program.

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