Introducing C.A.R.S. PLUS CE


Why Continuing Education?

Courts across the country have consistently ruled that there are “inherent” risks associated with the self-help repossession process and untrained individuals who are not professionally trained to provide these services pose an elevated and unacceptable risk to public safety.

Documented professional certification and continuing education (CE) are the most effective ways to manage those “inherent” risks associated with the self-help repossession process and further ensure the public safety.   Not to forget, training the recovery agent to protect him or herself from possible peril.

With the advent of lender compliance mandates by the CFPB and the lending community also concerned about public safety and self-image, it is critical for collateral recovery specialists to provide continuing proof of their professional competency to their lender clients.

Multiple states have established educational provisions in order to obtain licensure.  For several years Louisiana has statutorily required that licensed recovery agents complete one continuing education course each year for renewing their license and many in the lending community are contractually making documented education and continuing education as one of their recovery agent’s requirements.

Since the inception of Louisiana’s continuing education requirements RISC has provided continuing education courses that meet Louisiana’s statutory requirements.  Further, RISC continuing education courses provides training that are applicable to all 50 States and Puerto Rico.

Continuing Education (CE) Courses

RISC has developed eight (8) CE courses designed as 8 hour, on-line, and on-line testing for each.  Each curriculum is designed to meet current lender and CFPB compliance mandates.  A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of each CE course.

C.A.R.S. certified recovery agents who avail themselves to a RISC CE course will be recognized as C.A.R.S. Plus CE collateral recovery specialists on the RISC website.

The regular price of a CE course is $99.00.  However, in order to introduce C.A.R.S. certified recovery specialists to RISC CE courses, RISC is offering a 50% discount towards a CE course within 30 days of this announcement.

RISC CAN members will continue after the initial 30 days introduction discount, to receive their member’s discount of 15% ($14.85 total discount) off each Continuing Education program.

As we have stated, with current CFPB and lender compliance mandates along with the proliferation of Wrongful Repossession lawsuits it is critical for recovery agents to obtain and provide up to date professional credentials to their clients and prospective clients.

The C.A.R.S. National Certification Program was introduced to the recovery, insurance, and lending community in 1999 and is accepted and active in all 50 States and Puerto Rico. It is recognized as the industry standard as the premier certification of collateral recovery specialists.

We believe the C.A.R.S. Plus CE programs will continue to provide the training and professional credentials acceptable to the lending industry, further ensure public safety, and the safety of the recovery professional.

RISC is recognized within the collateral recovery industry as a leader in the fields of CFPB consumer protection training, risk management and industry standard compliance requirements.

RISC services include:  RISC Compliant Agent Network (CAN) membership, certification through the C.A.R.S. National Certification Program, C.A.R.S. Plus CE (continuing education courses), compliance vetting and training, office and storage facilities inspections, business consulting, repossession insurance consulting, lock-smith training and supplies, automotive key codes, discount programs, and a $1 million Client Protection Bond for members of the RISC Complaint Agent Network.

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