Mark Lacek speaks at the American Towman Expo on the Untapped Potential of Commercial Repossessions.


TAMPA, FL 12/19/2019 – The American Towman Exposition was hosted in Atlantic City, NJ earlier this month where Mark Lacek took the opportunity to speak on the profitable options in the commercial repossessions field. Lacek, the author of RISC’s Certified Commercial Recovery Agent national certification program (CCRA), spoke to a full room on the highlights of his 40-year commercial repossession career experience. As the owner of Commercial Asset Solutions, he has repossessed commercial trucks and equipment for the nation’s commercial lenders day in and day out. He sees everything in the field and will never be seen behind a desk. During the presentation, attendees were educated on the veteran recovery agent’s approach to commercial account repossession, including how to fine-tune their skills, make more money and reduce their overhead costs.

During his 90-minute session, Lacek advised on many of the most important stages and categories of the commercial repossession business. Some of the various topics included how to identify and locate a client in need of commercial repossession services; what kinds of collateral are associated with this type of portfolio; what are the various steps involved when receiving an assignment of this nature and what job-specific tools and resources are needed; insight on some of the lenders and forwarders who operate in this landscape; and appropriate charges for services rendered, as well as additional revenue streams within this industry.

According to Brent Woods, owner of Recovery Associates out of Houston, TX, ”I’ve always wanted to hear Mark’s presentation as I’m always looking into new revenue streams for my company. I traveled over 1,600 miles to attend the American Towman Expo and I was certainly not disappointed with his session. I felt that I was not the only one to find value in his presentation, as several other attendees in the class were given answers to their questions on the topic.”

“This was the second event I’ve presented at this year and even though my presentation was scheduled for 90 minutes, I wound up fielding questions from the packed meeting room well beyond that allotted time. It’s great to see more people in the industry beginning to recognize the profit potential that is available in commercial repossessions. As important as it is to secure new avenues for revenue, it’s equally important to make sure these types of accounts are handled the proper way. I honestly feel the most valuable information on commercial repossessions is within the CCRA Certification Course”, said Lacek. He went on to add, “Several attendees mentioned they were already CCRA certified, while others advised they were looking forward to signing up for the course once they returned home. I’m excited to see associates in the industry realizing the value of commercial repossession while also recognizing the importance of being compliant.”

Mark Lacek is the founder of Professional Repossessor Magazine, owner of Commercial Asset Solutions (CAS), and former president of Florida Association of Licensed Repossessors. Lacek is considered one of the nation’s leading expert witnesses on professional standards and the repossession industry. The full CCRA program is an online certification offered through RISC (Recovery Industry Services Company) and available at

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