Years ago, this was the advertising slogan for Purolator Oil Filters. Pay Me Now… Or Pay Me Later.

The advertisement following the slogan showed the advantage of using a time tested, very successful product as opposed to untested, unproven, less expensive products, copycat programs. That slogan is still logical today for any product introduced to the market place. Just as it is with professional certification programs for the collateral recovery industry.

The Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.S.) National Certification Program was introduced to the collateral recovery industry and the lending community in 1999 by what is now RISC Education Systems, the only state licensed school in the country that develops training and certification programs exclusively for the collateral recovery agents.

With over 7,000 recovery agents certified through the C.A.R.S. Program across the country and Puerto Rico this professional certification program has set Industry Standards in addressing every aspect of the self-help repossession process. Industry professionals recognize that they receive a professional certification program that has proven, over time, the benefits of managing the potential risks involved in the self-help repossession process. Anyone, whether it be a recovery agent or a lender who has experienced, or is familiar with the enormous costs associated with Wrongful Repossession litigation realizes that “paying later” is not a desirable alternative.

In his endorsement of the C.A.R.S. Program, Bogdan Rentea, one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the country on the self-help repossession process stated, “I have reviewed your National Certification Program extensively, and I am convinced that it is a most valuable “tool” in dealing with the ever rising litigation and insurance claims within the Asset Recovery Industry.” Mr. Rentea added, “The comprehensive curriculum contained in this program should be required study for not only those seeking to enter the Asset Recovery Industry, but also for those who are already a part of this profession.”

William Bensley, a noted consumer advocacy lawyer stated in his endorsement letter regarding the lack of training within the recovery industry stated, “there is an exception. I have noticed that (recovery) companies that require certification by a nationally recognized certification program display evident superior management, knowledge and professionalism. This is most true of companies that require C.A.R.S. certification. I know of no more practical, comprehensive or effective asset recovery training or certification program.”

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These testaments from prominent attorneys as well as testaments and endorsements from long-time practitioners in the collateral recovery business, who have been involved in lawsuits, can be powerful and favorable “tools” against Repossession lawsuits.

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Considering the long-term, tried and proven benefits and the low cost of the C.A.R.S. National Certification Program, “paying now” vs “paying later” makes good sense for both the collateral recovery specialist and the lender who issues repossession assignments.

In an industry such as the collateral recovery industry where there are many potential risks, buying time and court tested proven certification training is paramount to success. Buying a product that has not been proven simply because it is cheaper is a prescription for paying a lot more later.


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