RISC and Alex “Skipguru” Price will be donating Skip Tracer Certification course proceeds to RABF.

RISC and Alex “Skipguru” Price announced they will be donating all proceeds they receive from April, May, and June sales of the Skip Tracer Certification course to the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (RABF). “In these challenging times, I needed a way to help support the agents in the trenches. This COVID-19 crisis will not be easy for the agents and their families, so every little bit counts”, says Alex Price.

RABF is a non-profit fund set up to support repossession agents and their families in times of need. It is available to anyone in the industry regardless of their trade group affiliation or insurance provider.

RISC’s Skip Tracer Certification was authored by Alex Price, who is the leading expert on skip tracing for collateral recovery and beyond. Register for the course HERE. RISC has also committed industry support by waiving all fees for the RISC Pro Membership to all new and current members, which includes unlimited CARS Certification training. For more information, visit the RISC Pro webpage HERE.

RISC wishes the industry all the best as we help each other get through these unprecedented times.

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