Skip tracing not only helps locate bad debts, but also helps unmask child predators on the internet.

Story by RISC

Skip tracing has long been a crucial skill and an integral part of the auto repossession process. It involves collecting information on a person in question, analyzing and verifying that information, then using it to determine that person’s location. A skip tracer is part data miner and part private investigator and the art of skip tracing requires talent to nurture. One of the leading experts in repossession skip tracing is Alex “SkipGuru” Price, the Director of Training & Development at LocateSmarter. Price has been skip tracing and advising the auto finance industry for over 30 years on tracing individuals who are no longer making timely car payments. Price is also the creator of RISC’s Skip Tracer Certification program that is widely used by the collateral recovery industry as well as private investigators, bounty hunters, news reporters, and others.

Price has always been first in line to use his skills or certification programs to help out a good cause. His latest volunteer effort is support for the Innocent Lives Foundation (ILF). ILF is a nonprofit organization that utilizes the unique skill set of computer security and OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) professionals to unmask child predators on the internet and help bring them to justice. Sadly, 1 in 10 children will be a victim of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. ILF is committed to protecting childrens’ innocence as they hunt down the worst of the worst — pedophiles, sexual predators, and human traffickers — while also providing critical evidence to US and international law enforcement agencies. Since its inception, the ILF has had over 239 cases accepted by law enforcement. The impact the case support has had on childrens’ lives is immeasurable. “Working with the ILF is a great passion of mine, and I intend to put all my resources and contacts into helping their mission,” says Price. “As parents of two great kids, my wife and I have been blessed never to have had the experience of any violent crime in our family. It is hard for us even to imagine the torture these poor children have endured, so if one dime of my certification program sales or one friend volunteers to help the ILF to save children, then my entire career will be worth it”, says Price. 

To support ILF, RISC and Alex “SkipGuru” Price will donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the Skip-Tracing Certification Program to ILF for the months of February and March 2021. RISC and Price have also set a challenge to other skip tracers to reach out to ILF to donate any amount of their time and skills to support the cause. “I know many of the best investigators in the world, and I challenge each of you to find out how you can help save a child. God bless anyone that is able to contribute in any way!” says Price. “Partnerships with individuals like Alex Price, and companies such as RISC are vital to our mission, for many reasons,” adds Shane McCombs, Chief Operating Officer at ILF. “First off, it can cost up to $10,000 for the ILF to create and deliver a case to law enforcement. And, as a 501(c)3, we rely solely on generous donations to continue our vital work”, says McCombs. “In addition to fundraising initiatives, these partnerships are an essential way that our organization can gain new exposure to groups and individuals who align themselves with our mission,” declares McCombs.

Here are a few ways that the public can help. First, visit the Innocent Lives Foundation website, to learn more. You may have a needed skill or another way you can contribute. Second, purchase the RISC Skip Tracer Certification Program in February and March, and in addition to becoming a Certified Skip Tracer, all proceeds from the program will go directly to ILF. Lastly, you can watch Alex Price and ILF during a fireside chat on February 9th at 7pm EST to hear more about their efforts. Join them live on the streaming website Twitch. Please spread the word and contribute where you can. 

Mark Lacek to speak about the financial impact of commercial collateral recovery at this year’s Allied Finance Adjusters Annual Convention.


TAMPA, FL 10/19/2020 – During this year’s Allied Finance Adjusters Annual Convention Meeting on November 20th, Mark Lacek, author of the Certified Commercial Recovery Agent national certification program (CCRA) offered through RISC’s education platform, will be speaking to the attendees about commercial asset recovery best practices. 

With COVID-19 weighing heavily on the repossession industry, everyone is adjusting their business models and capabilities. Lacek, considered one of the nation’s leading expert witnesses on professional standards within the repossession industry, will be giving attendees a closer look at how they can incorporate the commercial side of recovery into their established repossession agencies. He will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including contacting national commercial lending clients, commercial skip-tracing strategy, re-marketing tips for commercial equipment, billing and invoicing advice, and much more. For the full AFA Annual Meeting agenda and times visit the AFA website here.

All attendees will receive a one-time offer for a 50% discount off RISC’s Certified Commercial Recovery Agent course, which normally retails for $360. All attendees will also walk away with a code for a 20% discount off the industry-leading repossession certification, CARS.

Mark Lacek is the founder of Professional Repossessor Magazine, Commercial Asset Solutions (CAS) owner, and former president of Florida Association of Licensed Repossessors. Mark is also a monthly contributor to the American Towman magazine column titled, RepoRun, as well as a contributing writer for Tow Times Magazine. The full CCRA program is an online certification offered through RISC (Recovery Industry Services Company) and available at

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RISC is an organization dedicated to providing services specific to the collateral recovery industry and advocates on behalf of all professional practitioners with the industry. RISC is the industry leader of professional training and certification for collateral recovery specialists, training over 5,000 agents every year. For more information, visit or contact us at [email protected], (866) 996-7472 or (813) 712-7535

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Supporting Tomorrow’s Business Leaders – RISC launches Program LIFT

By Stamatis Ferarolis – CEO, RISC

As COVID-19 began to grip the world, I started thinking about preparations here in the US and how it might affect our business.  Our employees are the lifeblood of our company, so it got me wondering how this new norm would affect their work and home life.  The biggest questions I had were, what would work from home look like and how did this change their children’s life?  Fortunately, and by design, we were already largely prepared for the work-from-home scenario as we had many operational functions online and in the cloud. However, we quickly realized that there was another problem arising with older aged adolescents at home or suddenly coming home from college. As a father of teenage kids, I saw this firsthand how COVID19 was affecting them. They now had the challenge of virtual school, no longer had afterschool or summer jobs and had lost all sense of normalcy. These ‘kids’ had suddenly entered a very challenging time in their lives, and I saw an opportunity where I could help.

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Image by Leni_und_Tom from Pixabay 

After some consideration, I realized that RISC had several opportunities where teenagers and young college-age kids could learn different skills within the RISC virtual office. Not only was this going to help our company, but more importantly, it was an opportunity to teach these students essential business skills and earn some money. It was at this point that Program LIFT, “Leaning Into the Future Together”, was born.  After staff consultation we saw this as one way to create young leaders of tomorrow during a time of great uncertainty.

This program was designed for teenage children of RISC employees.  A source of pride for me was to see the relationship that parent-employees cultivated with their teenage children because many of our LIFT employees get to work alongside their parents, providing additional mentorship, pride, and revenue. 

Here is how it works for RISC. As LIFT candidates, they are introduced to a real-world professional hiring process. They are required to submit a resume, conduct an interview, and upon acceptance, the new LIFT employee joins the company following the same process as any other new employee would. This includes reviewing the employee handbook, setting up their direct deposit payroll, obtaining a company email address, setting up their home office equipment, one-on-one manager mentorship and so on. The employees work on routine, non-emergency items that can be accomplished remotely, part-time and during flexible hours. To incentivize hard work, the pay rate is well above minimum wage.  Exposing the LIFT candidates to this new work-from-home opportunity has allowed them to learn in a professional work atmosphere while working on their time balancing school and work.

I see Program LIFT continuing well beyond the COVID era. It has been a very positive experience and worth the effort.  My dream is that this inspires other companies to do something similar.  I am promoting this as a template for others across the country to follow.  We have a duty to lift others as we rise ourselves, and our children are the way to make that happen. To learn more about our framework, please download the Program LIFT template HERE. Good luck!

RISC updates its CARS Financial Client collateral recovery training program for lenders and national forwarders.

TAMPA, FL 9/28/2020 – RISC, with support from the leading consumer financial law firm, Hudson Cook, LLP, have completed the 2020 update of the training certification program CARS Financial Client (CARS FC). The CARS FC certification program was created for financial clients, including national forwarding companies and lending institutions, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the state and federal laws that apply to self-help repossession. The course update aligns the content with current federal law and the addition of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA).

RISC developed this collateral recovery training curriculum in 2017 to support industry professionals who do not perform repossessions and is updated annually.  This online training program takes enrollees through all aspects of the repossession process, from government regulations to possible liability traps, and teaches best practices. The program covers topics such as:

  • CFPB Oversight
  • Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Dodd-Frank prohibition on Unfair, Deceptive, and Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP)
  • Telephone Protection Act
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
  • Contracts
  • Crimes and Torts
  • And much more

CARS FC is an online course administered on the RISC Educational Platform that allows for self-paced training. Over 5,000 people are certified annually with RISC’s CARS FC, CARS, and CARS Continuing Education programs. To learn how to train yourself or your employees, contact us at [email protected].

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RISC is an organization dedicated to providing compliance oversight and training services to the collateral recovery industry and beyond. RISC advocates on behalf of all practitioners within the industry. For more information, visit or call (813) 712-7535.

Insurance broker, Western Skies MGA, endorses CARS, RISC Pro and Driver Safety.

Western Skies MGA announced that they will be officially endorsing several of RISC’s compliance education and services. Read the full press release below:


Western Skies MGA announces their endorsement of collateral recovery compliance services company RISC and their CARS education courses.

Las Vegas, NV – Western Skies MGA, an insurance brokerage firm writing coverage for the towing and repossession industry, announced that they are officially endorsing RISC (Recovery Industry Services Company) and its compliance training certification program, CARS, the Driver Safety training, and their RISC Pro Membership. RISC is the primary compliance services company in the collateral recovery industry that provides compliance and safety training for both recovery agencies as well as lending institutions.

RISC’s CARS National Certification program covers the full spectrum of crucial knowledge that recovery agents need to safely do business in the industry. CARS is the only training accepted in all 50 states by all national creditors. In addition, RISC’s Driver Safety Training can be instrumental in reducing claims and keeping recovery agents safe. RISC Pro Members are part of an elite network of agency owners that use all RISC training courses while meeting stringent vetting to achieve a higher level of compliance standing.

“At Western Skies, we always encourage our customers to train their staff with the most comprehensive and up to date certification courses,” says president, Daniel Smith. “Thorough vetting and training are essential to reduce insurance claims and help reduce liability in the event of a lawsuit.  RISC’s CARS National Certification and Driver Safety programs are the top education programs in the collateral recovery industry. We desire our customers be RISC Pro members because we can have confidence that they have had the best training possible.”

Western Skies MGA will continue to remind its clients of the importance of training as a vital piece of any recovery agency’s business protocol. To learn more about the CARS National Certification Program, Driver Safety Training, or RISC Pro visit

About Western Skies MGA

Western Skies MGA is a licensed wholesale and E&S brokerage headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have strong insurance carrier relationships and can help secure coverage for all commercial trucking and transportation risks; even very hard to place risks. Our staff has years of program administration and insurance experience. We make it our business to understand your business and to provide guidance, excellent customer service and support to each and every client. The integrity of our company is our biggest asset, so we select individuals and companies we do business with very carefully. With a team of seasoned professionals, the very latest in data management technology and communication systems, as well as the implementation of consistent standards of practice, Western Skies is the transportation partner you can trust. Contact us at (702) 685-2074 or email us at [email protected].

Repossession Job Search During COVID19

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By Holly Balogh / President @ RISC

Searching for a job in the repossession industry can be an arduous task at any time, let alone the during the COVID19 pandemic.  Many repossession companies have been forced to temporarily shutter their doors, shut down storage lots, or, worse, are now permanently out-of-business due to the coronavirus.  Times are tough for these small businesses and the personnel who work there.

But hope is on the horizon.  At compliance services company, RISC, we have started to see an uptick in compliance needs and onsite inspections have started rolling again.  Our lending clients have confirmed that they are beginning to send out assignments, and those who have not started, have established dates for full reopening.  It appears that this is the calm before the storm of a massive influx of work for us all. It’s time to get proactive.

For those of you out there searching for work in the repossession world… read the rest of the story here.


Tampa, FL 6/30/2020 – is designed to connect employers with collateral recovery professionals

Launched by RISC, helps connect collateral recovery industry employers with qualified job seekers.  Free for both employers and job seekers, this site is designed with the asset recovery industry in mind.

Over the past few years, the collateral recovery industry has been particularly challenged to identify and retain qualified employees. The old process simply wasn’t very efficient. Without a centralized resource, industry job seekers found opportunities through word of mouth, Facebook, Indeed, Craigslist, etc. 

None of these sites were designed with the collateral recovery industry in mind. fills that gap across the gamut of roles in the repossession and collateral recovery industry including Agents, Lenders, Forwarders, Industry Service Providers, Skip Tracers, Locksmiths, etc.

Employers can post unlimited free job opportunities on the site in just minutes.  They can also search the database of registered job seekers with public profiles.

Job seekers create a profile and save it to apply for future opportunities.  They can upload a resume or build out an employment profile. Once the profile is built, applying for jobs is as easy as a single click.   

If you’re reading this, was built for you. currently serves all U.S. states with plans to expand as demand grows.

About RISC /

RISC is an organization dedicated to providing oversight and training services to the collateral recovery industry and beyond.  RISC advocates on behalf of all practitioners within the industry. For more information on RepoHiring, visit or email at [email protected]

RISC launches the CARS – Texas and Rhode Island state-specific Certification Courses for repossession agents.


TAMPA, FL 5/28/2020 – RISC, a compliance services company, is excited to launch two additional state -specific collateral recovery training courses as part of their growing CARS National Certification Program. Continually providing up-to-date training on state/federal regulations is a RISC goal.  This is achieved through our alliance with Hudson Cook LLP. Texas is a large market for collateral recovery and has very specific state guidelines. “It’s important that recovery agencies in Texas and Rhode Island have the detailed knowledge of what can affect their day-to-day operations and keep them safe,” said RISC President Holly Balogh.

Recently, a survey conducted by shows that 60% of repossession agencies hold CARS Certifications in the industry. Taken by over 200 recovery agent respondents across the U.S., the survey demonstrates RISC’s foothold as the #1 provider of compliance training and services by a significant margin. Also, recovery agents noted that VTS (Vendor Transparency Solutions) Compliance Training, coming in at a distant second to CARS, was used by 19% in the industry. In early 2020, VTS compliance service training programs combined with the CARS program on MBSi’s VendorConnect platform, effectively giving RISC’s CARS program 79% of the industry market share.

The CARS certification is accepted by all domestic lending institutions and is completed by over 4,000 people annually. The courses are available on RISC’s Education Platform for purchase at  RISC Pro members are able to take any education program available for their small monthly membership fee including these new state specific courses.

About RISC

RISC is an organization dedicated to providing compliance oversight and training services to the collateral recovery industry and beyond. RISC advocates on behalf of all practitioners within the industry. For more information, visit or call (813) 712-7535.

RISC extends its waiver of RISC Pro membership/education subscription fees through July 1, 2020.

RISC extends its waiver of RISC Pro membership/education subscription fees through July 1, 2020.

After nearly two months of COVID-19 related ordinances and regulations, the repossession industry has not opened up in all areas.  This continues to financially pressure recovery agency owners and their staff.  RISC is here to help support agents during this crisis by waiving membership and education fees for current and any new RISC Pro members.  RISC is the only compliance company that has waived membership and education fees for its members.

RISC’s waiver of fees allows members to update their CARS certifications and train any new employees to prepare for assignments to come. The RISC Pro platform is also an excellent tool for agencies to organize their compliance documentation and market their compliance status to clients. Our belief is that we’re all in this together and RISC will continue to assist agents in these challenging times.

What is RISC Pro?

RISC Pro is a membership for Agents that provides the ability to:

  • Manage and store compliance documentation on the MBSi VendorConnect platform.
  • Showcase your compliance profile and company listing in front of 40+ Lenders and Forwarders that are on the RISC Pro/MBSi VendorConnect platform.
  • Quickly share a compliance profile directly with Lenders
  • Have unlimited employee access to the CARS National Certification, Continuing Education, and Drivers Safety Certification for a small monthly “pay as you go” subscription rather than the full upfront certification cost.
  • And more…

Membership billing is currently on hold and will not begin until we are confident agents are back to work.  We currently forecast this will not go beyond July. There is NO cancellation fee should you choose not to keep RISC Pro membership.  However, if you cancel, any CARS certification completed between now and then will require you to pay in full to retain a valid CARS certificate. Maintaining your certification allows you to pay as you go for each employee. More details can be found in the RISC Pro Service Agreement at Registration.

Learn More and Register for RISC Pro

Also, on behalf of Alex Price and RISC, all proceeds from sales of RISC’s Skip Tracer Certification will be donated to RABF through the end of June. Register today here.

About RISC

RISC is an organization dedicated to providing compliance oversight and training services to the collateral recovery industry and beyond. RISC advocates on behalf of all practitioners within the industry. For more information, visit or call (813) 712-7535.

RISC launches a 2020 updated version of their CARS – Continuing Education Course 4 – The Recovery Process

TAMPA, FL 4/21/2020 – RISC along with Hudson Cook, LLP, a law firm whose regulatory compliance practice includes work within the subject of automotive repossession, has updated RISC’s most popular CARS Continuing Education Course, CE 4. CARS CE 4 covers the “Recovery Process” which includes crucial topics that recovery agencies face on a daily basis. This course is designed to give agents the ability to communicate accurately with clients and provide the framework for agents to complete a wide range of work at the highest level of compliance. Topics include details on preparing assignments for agents, personal property procedures, consumer’s right to cure notices, sale of a recovered property and much more. CARS CE 4 is one of several courses that RISC offers that counts towards a recovery agent’s need for annual continuing education to keep certifications up to date. To purchase the course go to RISC’s website.

**CARS CE 4 is updated as of March 12, 2020. This course is created for the general U.S. collateral recovery industry and it is the responsibility of agencies to ensure it is applicable to their local city/state laws.

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RISC is an organization dedicated to providing compliance oversight and training services to the collateral recovery industry and beyond. RISC advocates on behalf of all practitioners within the industry. For more information, visit or call (813) 712-7535.

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